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“Music Motorcycle”has obtainedthe national invention patent
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Recently, we have received news from the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) that SANYA, one of the main motorcycle manufacturers in China, has invented “a kind of music motorcycle” and have successfully obtained the official national patent authorization, with the patent number ZL201410767144.X. This marks an important step SANYA has made towards technology innovation and protection system improvement of intellectual proper rights.

“Music Motorcycle”has obtainedthe national invention patent

▲Music motorcycle invention patent certificate (Source: SANYA official website)


According to the patent specification on the SIPO website, the patent is about a brand new motorcycle integrated multi-media system developed by SANY in 2014, which was the first application in China. It adopts integrated modeling design, consists ofintegrated circuit board that includes blue tooth, mp3, radio, electronic anti-theft alarm, Voltage regulator tube, application etc.An amplifier box is usually connected to the electricity power system so people can enjoy the riding while listening to high quality music, adding extra fun to their riding experience.

“Music Motorcycle”has obtainedthe national invention patent

▲SANYA “music motorcycle” patent technology applicationrealistic photo, with IP56 waterproof grade and unique ABS acousticomentum; waterproof, mud proof, shockproof. (Source: Sanya official website)


“Music Motorcycle”has obtainedthe national invention patent

▲SANYA “music motorcycle” patent technology application realistic photo: Multi-media integrated led meter with built-in CRS 4.1 blue tooth, one second quick connection to enjoy numerous music(Source: SANYA official website)


“Music Motorcycle”has obtainedthe national invention patent

▲SANYA “music motorcycle” patent technology application realistic photo: Controller (Source: SANYA official website)


So far, “music motorcycle” patent technology has widely applied to some motorcycles including UF150, Lucky Horse, Hailing and so on. The obtaining of the invention patent is not only conducive to Sanya’s the further enhancement of the strength of independent innovation and improvement of the intellectual property protection system, but also has a positive impact on the opening up foreign markets and improving the quality of products.


As disclosed by a professional within the industry, Sanya currently has more than 200 patented technologies, and take 3% of annual sales revenue as the annual R & D funding to ensure the smooth development of research and development work. These funds gradually increase each year, and reach more than 20 million RMB in 2016. Each year, Sanya spends huge sum of money into research and development, which accumulates the momentum to move forward for the company's future development, further enhances the technological content of products, strengthens the product stability, improves the core competitiveness of Sanya, and therefore provides a strong technical support for its further development.

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