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The Launch of The Tenth SANYA Quality Month
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The tenth SANYA quality month activity began on Tuesday, 13rd April, 2021. The theme of this year is “quality is foundation, reaching a new level of brand recognition -- I am a SANYA consumer”.


Since SANYA company came out with quality concept like “ QAP --every SANYA staff fight for being a QC”, “doing things rightly for the first time”, and implemented a quality reward system, all staff participated in the quality controlling actively. Their awareness of self-inspection and mutual-inspection has been improved significantly. SANYA staff discovered and reformed 39 quality potential dangers in 2020. They finished the goal of discovering problems and reporting the feedback, ended the quality potential dangers, therefore market complaints decreased significantly, they maintained the company brand together finally.


This quality month takes "quality as the foundation, reach a new level of the brand recognition" as the theme, around the "quality is the foundation of survive, development and benefit" spirit to carry out a series of quality activities. Including quality knowledge training, quality knowledge competition, skill competition, excellent team and individual evaluation and other activities.


Quality month activity is one of the most distinctive activities in SANYA corporate culture, and it’s also an integral part of SANYA quality system. Through the quality month activity, the quality consciousness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of every SANYA staff. All SANYA staff keep in mind that quality is the root of the enterprise, it's their bread and butter. Enterprises that do not take quality as foundation are uncompetitive, and will be gradually phased out by the market and at last die out. SANYA has won the title of "National Customer Satisfaction Product" for 14 consecutive years. SANYA always regards quality as the magic weapon of survival, this is the brand strength to support SANYA to stand in the forest of motorcycle, and it’s also the footstone for moving forward.

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