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Live broadcast of Canton Fair,show you Sanya motorcycle in the C
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The 127th China Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair) officially start on June 15th, and the Canton Fair moved to the "CLOUND" for the first time, from "face-to-face communication" to "screen to screen communication". It is divided into 16 categories and 50 exhibition areas, enabling global purchasers to place orders at home and make transactions through the online platform of the Canton Fair.


Since 2005, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as SANYA) has participated in the Canton Fair for 15 years. This year, in this special situation, through various forms such as graphics and text, video, live broadcast on the online Canton Fair platform, Sanya display it’s product to the global clients. In this way, oversea clients can know Sanya products without visiting the site in person, and also it’s a good way for SANYA to get more new customers.


SANYA has shown 45 motorcycle and electric motorcycle(include 8 mainstream models) on this platform, which introduces the product feature in detail. And SANYA welcomes visitor to login the Canton Fair Official website “https://www.cantonfair.org.cn”, and search the key word “SANYA” to check the newest products. Or can click the bottom of this page “read more”to directly into SANYA online Canton booth.


From practical display to online display, SANYA conforms to the trend, carries out the live broadcast, introduces the product all in English, analyses product features in multi-angle, which make clients fully know the advantage of SANYA products. SANYA hopes that through this online Canton Fair, can further promote the normalized live broadcast mode of global marketing.

Up to now, SANYA has completed 5 live broadcasts, which are divided into motorcycle, electric motorcycle and engine live broadcasts. The cumulative number of viewers has exceeded 1,000, and it has received more than 30,000 thumb up globally. If want to see more live broadcasts, please check in SANYA official website, or notice the preview the SANYA release.

SANYA always insist on “producing energy-saving and high-quality products, let the customer feel extraordinary satisfaction.” SANYA hope to combine the practical experience of previous exhibitions with the new exhibition mode of "Cloud Canton Fair". With the help of this new network platform, SANYA provides high-quality motorcycle and electric motorcycle to global customers, actively embraces the new era of global trade, and highlight the "report card" of China's two-wheeled vehicle export business.

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