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Sanya New Model Motorcycle NF125 BOX Launch In Africa
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        Beijing time 17:00,28TH June,2018,Lome time 9:00,28TH June,2018,Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Launches self-develop motorcycle model NF125 BOX in Lome,capital of Togo,in Africa.General manager of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Li,several African countries’distributors,directorTechnology and Quality Department director of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Wang,overseas trade department manager miss Wang and journalists from Togo media present the launch.

▲The Scene photo of SANYA NF125 BOX launch


        The off-line ceremony of NF125 BOX was held in Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd at 20th June,2018. in the ceremony , general manager of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd mr. Li said that this model will be mainly selled overseas market and has 2 containers order before the off-line ceremony as a good start. Then the new model motorcycles are shipped far away from China to Africa,are showed in the TOGO SANYA NF125 BOX launch and have got a good reputation from African distributors.

▲The new model NF125 Unveil Ceremony by General manager of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Li.


        General manager of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Li said in the launch that China and Africa are one family and thank African friends support and love for SANYA products.for more and more intense international competition and Chinese more new policy, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd develops and produces ‘lower consumption and environmental protection’ motorcycles proactively,launch NF125 BOX and other models to be ‘resource lower consumption’ and ‘environmental protection’ enterprise.

▲Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Li’s speech in the Togo new motorcycle launch


       Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd make some souvenirs for the SANYA NF125 BOX launch and give the souvenirs to the African distributors and users as gift.we hope NF125 BOX will be good sales to celebrate Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co 20th years anniversary.

▲Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Mr. Li gives souvenirs to Togo distributors and users


        The NF125 BOX motorcycle showed in Togo new motorcycle launch uses new NFB efficient engine to burn each drop of fuel. To improve the inlet and outlet system of cylinder head,U shape oil deposit groove,light and top-improved piston, the engine power is stronger and the fuel consumption decrease 5%.

▲SANYA UFB engine chart used by NF125 BOX


        NF125 BOX uses classic CG shape with 5 systems and 30 spare parts improvement to make the motorcycle more durable and more comfortable.

▲The details comparison chart before and after the NF125 BOX improvement


        Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd launches NF125 BOX to African market also inspects the distributors in African market as a tour trip in Africa.we will invest and collect the information of driving in Africa. We will do the SANYA brand advertisement to increase the African users’ confidence of the distributors.we will do the new model NF125 BOX promotion to the African distributors to accelerate our progress of ‘to be a world-class enterprise and brand’.

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