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Sanya 20th anniversary & new models launch conference was held s
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”Observe the grand opening of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 20 years anniversary celebration and new model launch event held in Conghua Biquan Hotel.The event invite leaders from Conghua governments,motorcycle chamber of commerce,domestic and foreign agency and suppliers delegates and other guests.


        At this launch event present 2 new model- UF150,NF150.Within self-patent engine UFB,the UF150 with more sense of line,much more younger.New model NF150 is a kind of more practical motor.Main beam tube of frame adapted Q235 cold-reduced sheet.Folded footrest and adapted NFB150 well known as powerful and fuel saving,its practicability and cost performance was increased a lot.


        During this event,we held a ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony for these 3 models.SANYA New model also invite professional rider:Mr TanYazhong,leader of the ten thousand miles trip of SANYA injection motorcycle.New product receive new break through in performance and appearance,appreciated by Mr.Tan and guests.


        Overcome hardship together, be grateful to you.Sanya general manager Mr Li reviewed Sanya 20 years hardworking path and also thankful for government leaders as well as national motorcycle industry leaders care and guidance.He said that we also need to thank domestic and abroad all distributors and suppliers trust and support.due to all friends support Sanya can stand up in the world .We should grateful for now and used to be sanya colleagues,due to they overcome hardship ,bravely innovate and develop ,which establishing a solid foundation for Sanya .In the future ,Sanya still keep our original aspiration and forge ahead,we also insist on customer-centric.and create additional value for customer,setting the service on the sales area .In the produce research and development aspect,we persist to invest more research source to develop more high technologies.we will forge to “Innovation and energy saving and save more energy for the earth ”manufacturing dream and create following new 20 years.


        During the anniversary, the leader from the China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle, the domestic agency delegate, the overseas agency delegate, the supplier delegate, all wish Sanya a happy birthday and a bright future.  


        If Sanya is a forest, the pioneers who sowed the seeds shall not forget, if Sanya is a high-building, the founder who worked hard for it shall not forget. Up to October, 2018, there are 8 employees who have been working in Sanya for 20 years, 39 employees are working more than 15 years to 20 years,41 employees are working more than 10 years to 15 years. In this memorable moment, Sanya commends and rewards their contribution, which also inspires Sanya people to work hard on their position.

▲Sanya people who have been working more than 10 years to 15 years


▲Sanya people who have been working more than 15 years to 20 years


▲Sanya people who have been working 20 years


        Overcome hardship together, be grateful to you. Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd anniversary celebration was end with happiness and blessing. Sanya, carrying Sanya people’s honors and dreams over the past 20 years; writing the hard work and never give up history in trials and tribulations. Twenty years, only a small stage of development, 100 years enterprise is our striving target.


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