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SANYA NF150, be excellent both internal and external
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        During the 20th anniversary of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd which is not long ago, SANYA launched 3 new invented motorcycles,that is NF150、UF150 and CS110(concept version).Today we will give you a grand introduction to the NF150, because we have invited professional motorcycle riders to test and comment for us.


        On a sunny day, the assessment team and our motorcycle tester Zhongge came to the Conghua suburb, which is known as the “Guangzhou Back Garden”. Let’s talk about the performance first.





The test ride is NF150, with two pedals and two regular states.


NF150 (with big foot rest) red


NF150 (normal version) black


Someone will ask, is the pedal status different?
Xiaobian answered you: It is true.

        SANYA NF150, as one model being excellent both internal and external and multiple motorcycle,has the same design style as HONDA from appearance.The body size is 2050mm*790mm*1110mm (length*width*height), the wheelbase is up to 1310mm, and the streamlined lengthened body allows your sister to carry the goods. The lines are simple and smooth, fully combining the contemporary fashion design elements, which is in line with the aesthetic needs of the contemporary young consumer groups.


        NF150 is working hard on the selection of materials. The main beam tube is double-strengthened. The main beam tube of the frame is made of Q235 cold-rolled plate with 2.0mm double-strength reinforcement plate. On the whole vehicle line structure, it realizes the line control of the car-class in the United States (it is rare in domestic motorcycles).



        Come to the front face of the NF150, its shroud design is very round and full, the lighting uses the car-level head and headlights, supplemented by sharp LED position lights, greatly improving the safety of night riding.


        In the hand button layout, the NF150 is rich in design, with over-lights, damper control switches, engine switches and so on. In order to prevent the dangerous state of the steering lamp from being wrongly pressed, the NF150 uses a secondary confirmation operation after the steering is completed. Confirmed the eyes, is the style of big manufacturers.


        The NF150 is equipped with a balance shaft engine independently developed by Sanya. It has the characteristics of strong explosive force, fuel saving and shockproof. The maximum speed is 90km/h, and it takes only 9.4S from 0-100m.


        In terms of braking, the NF150 adopts the form of the front disc rear drum (also can be equipped with a hub brake), which conforms to the design of the contemporary mainstream model. It not only has a short braking distance but also has a stable braking and is safer and more reliable. On the brake pedal, the brake pedal mechanism is optimized to make it easier and more precise to handle the brakes. The braking distance is 7.0 meters at a speed of 60 km/h.


        In terms of turning, the NF150 performed very well, turned to be sensitive, and the grip of the tire was also very good. Like passing through city roads, arch bridges, parks, or some rugged sections, there is no problem at all.


        The location of this outdoor test ride was just a slope, and the Xiaobian used a slope measuring instrument to measure it, almost 40 degrees.


        Driver Zhong Ge is relatively confident about Sanya's NF150 and his own cycling skills. After a bit of biu, he completed a perfect 40 degree climb. Unfortunately, Xiaobian had not responded at the time and had to beg for Zhongge to show me again.


Look at it from another angle.


        After all, Sanya motorcycle has created a record of 56 degrees of climbing in the world. This small slope is really nothing to say. After all, the maximum torque of the NFB150 engine 11.2N·M and the maximum power of 8.5KW are not covered.

        But Xiaobian still wants to say: Well, a little handsome.

        Riding on the mud road in the country, Sanya NF150 is also quite calm. Life, it should be like the NF150, no matter how sad the hurdles, the more rugged detours, the ups and downs of the management, but also calmly face.


        Is the seat position comfortable? It is one of the important factors in the investigation of motorcycles. In this regard, the NF150 has two highlights.

        1st, based on 20 years of research on consumer habits, the use of three-point sitting design, more ergonomic.
        2nd, the front and rear wheels use a 4:6 load distribution for better ride comfort and stability.


        Xiaobian as a passenger also sat on the NF150, experienced a professional driving technology, although the 150cc displacement, Zhongge hard to open a 250cc feeling. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Xiaobian actually likes the feeling of speed and passion.


Driver Zhong Ge short comment NF150

※The engine of a 150cc displacement motorcycle in China is very powerful, and the climbing is very stable.
※The original appearance is different from other factories and has high recognition.
※The structure of the whole vehicle is flexible, the bending and the squat are very free.
※Hard front fork and rear shock absorber
※The cushion is very comfortable, you can have more than one beauty.


※The fuel tank is still not big enough, only 13.6L
※I hope to develop EFI
※Although it is not a street sports car, it can be cool with color matching.





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