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Great news!SANYA couplet GuangDong top 500 manufacturing industr
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        On November 27th, Guangdong Manufacturing Association, Guangdong Industrial Development Research Institute, and Guangdong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Enterprise Competitiveness Research Center co-sponsored the 2018 Guangdong Manufacturing Industry Development Conference and Guangdong Manufacturing Top 500 Enterprises Summit held in Dongguan. . Guangdong Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Dongguan Municipal People's Government and other relevant leaders attended the meeting, including Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Midea Group, Libai Group, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd., etc. Participate in the summit.


▲Guangdong Province Top 500 Manufacturing Summit


        In 2018, Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhengwei International Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. were among the best. One of the old motorcycle factories in China, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was also awarded the title of Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Industry. This is the third consecutive year that Sanya has been listed in the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province since 2016.


▲Sanya won the top 500 title certificate


        Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. has always been committed to developing more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient two-wheel travel tools. Motorcycle products and electric vehicle products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and are trusted by more than 3 million users worldwide. 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Sanya. At this new starting point, Sanya Company has not forgotten its initial intentions and has embarked on a new journey.



        The global motorcycle market is still in a relatively severe trend in 2018. The domestic motorcycle industry is also undergoing changes. The implementation of the National IV standard has also ushered in a new reshuffle in the motorcycle industry. Sanya also has corresponding technical upgrades and service upgrades for the implementation of the National IV standard. Sanya's newly developed EFI system motorcycle has experimental results (including the 2017 Sanya scooter completed 17560 km of Sanya EFI Ten thousand miles trip),the national testing agency's test is up to standard. The first batch of Sanya EFI motorcycles has applied for the catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The models cover the Sanya motorcycle, scooters and cub. There are a total of 12 models, which are expected to be announced before May 2019, which means that in 2019,SANYA motorcycle products will appear on the market with national standard IV.


▲Sanya patented motorcycle (partial)


        The implementation of the new national standard for the electric vehicle industry, as well as the strict control of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the production qualification of electric vehicles and 3C certification, has caused many electric vehicle manufacturers to disappear in the big waves. Sanya had already obtained the electric motorcycle production license as early as August 2015, and passed the national compulsory product certification (“3C” certification) of the China Quality Certification Center at the end of the same year.


▲Announcement of road motor vehicle manufacturing enterprises and products issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


▲ Sanya electric vehicle 3C certification (partial)


        The “Electric Motor Production License” and “3C Certification” mark the production scale of Sanya electric vehicle brand, the implementation of product safety standards, research and development capabilities, production consistency guarantee capability, and after-sales service capability, etc., which have become the first-line brands in the domestic industry. In 2018, Sanya electric vehicles continued to exert their strength, and a variety of new products have already entered the market.



        Sanya Company insists on creating energy-saving and high-quality products for customers, conforms to the development of national policies, adheres to technological innovation, and comprehensively upgrades technology and services, so that Sanya has always maintained its standing position in the flood of industry development. For more details of Sanya products, please pay attention to the official website of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. and the WeChat public account.

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