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QAP for all staffs and quality management for everyone
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        In order to thoroughly implement the quality development policy in Sanya, promote the construction of quality and strong enterprise, and take a new level of quality, on September 11th, the “Quality Month” launching ceremony with the theme of “QAP for all staff and quality management for everyone” Successfully held at Sanya Factory. This quality month event has four projects: “Watching Quality Problem Warning Film Activity”, “Quality Theme Debate Competition”, “Quality Month Finding Competition” and “Fun Riding Competition”. 



Project Name: Watch Quality Warning Event
Project time: on the evening of November 9
Project content: All employees at Sanya watched the warning film of Sanya's quality problem in 2018 in the assembly shop. The quality management department sort out the various problems that Sanya products have returned from the market since 2018, and explain, analyze and conduct internal self-reflection on the spot.




Project Name: Quality Keynote Speech Competition
Project time: November 24th morning
Project content: The quality month event was held in a speech contest with the theme of “QAP for all staffs, quality controller for everyone”. Each system department sent 10 groups of players to participate in the competition. Based on the quality problems of the company, we published opinions and suggestions. The company's quality improvement has sparked different sparks.





Project Name: Quality Finding Competition
Project time: December 28th evening
Project content: Through the preparation of the previous script, 100% of the materials of Sanya Company, 8 different jobs of Sanya Company, including more than 40 quality problems videos that have existed before, let the staff on the scene watch The film finds problems, asks questions, and corrects problems.





Project Name: Quality Fun Cycling Competition
Project time: December 30th afternoon
Project content: The quality month fun competition was held on the Sanya company sports ground. Each group of players rides Sanya's motorcycles through the three projects of “short distance around the pile”, “single wooden bridge” and “through the maze”, so that Sanya employees can experience the quality of Sanya products and let employees know the quality. Strict control directly affects the quality of the product, and more directly determines the riding experience of the product.





        The Sanya Quality Month event was held to enable Sanya employees to discover the product quality problems caused by possible factors in the production process. The quality management department of Sanya Company investigated and sorted in the previous period. The project of this year's quality month was formulated, and all the employees of Sanya participated in the quality month activities by using the method of teaching and learning. By discovering their own problems, they found other people's problems and realized the self-inspection and mutual in the production process as well as the importance of the inspection process.

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