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2019 SANYA annual oversea motorcycle market inspection
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        Form 2019/6/10 to 2019/6/20, we SANAY Inspection Team, including General Manager Mr Li, Technical Manager Mr Liu, Foreign businessmen Mr Wang and Mrs Zhang, went to Africa to conduct a survey to oversea market. Aiming at developing and upgrading SANYA products ,we visited Sanya distributors to collect the feedback from markets.



Our first destination is North Africa.



Visiting distributors: We were warmly welcomed by the workers here during visiting, they were satisfied with SANYA products. At the same time, they gave many constructive suggestions to us, such as upgrading the product packing to reduce the problem caused by long distance transportation.




Checking the market : we inspected the local markets of motorcycle and found that different markets like different kinds of motorcycles. Our client leaded us to the local motorcycle shops to see the consumption trends. We have recorded the new and special motorcycle designs, and fully analyzed the different consumption trends, which aimed at upgrading SANYA products to meet the market demands.




Checking the distributor shops: We went to different city to check the markets, and handled various problems during this period, such as quality problems, motorcycle maintenance problems. We treated every single problem scrupulously and meticulously, which shows SANYA always attach great importance to after selling service. In this process, we not only received praise from our distributor, but also collected many useful and real market information.




Meeting: Based on the international environment, local policy, market product and future sales strategy, we have deeply discussed the development trends of the motorcycle and our future cooperation with our clients, at the same time we also directly discussed our upgrading product in the future, which got much recognition and praise from our clients




        As a leading export motorcycle manufacturer, SANYA insists on producing Energy-saving and Environment-friendly motorcycle and electric scooter, aiming at providing high quality two wheel transportation to customers globally. SANYA will make regular visits to oversea market yearly to collect the product practicability and adaptability, which is the key part of controlling the product quality, and also is the reference data that used for product upgrading. Through these visits, SANYA not only promoted its’ own brand, but also increased clients’ confidence on SANYA product, and moved one more step to becoming “World-class Enterprises and Brands”.

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