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A record of Sanya circle visit in West African market in 2019

       In June, 2019, one team combined by the sales persons of overseas department and technicians from QC department of Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd started a circle visit activities in the overseas market in 2019. Today let’s pay attention to the situation of the Sanya tour team in West Africa (hereinafter called the tour team in West Africa).



       From June 6th to July 9th, the West African team visited the five countries in West Africa for a market tour. West Africa, the economy is underdeveloped, the natural environment is bad, and the occasional horror and robbery incidents are daunting, but the West African team has done a good job in this tour.



Distribution point inspection

       Friends who pay attention to the Sanya brand know that Sanya will send technicians from the headquarters to the world to conduct on-the-spot inspections every year. When solving user problems, it can also collect real and effective market feedback data for the development of new products. Upgrade provides support for big data. The West African inspection team conducted free inspection, maintenance and vehicle breakdown treatment for the local Sanya users in the Sanya distribution point in West Africa. The professional after-sales service attitude was well received by consumers.

       In West Africa, many companies have purchased Sanya products as enterprise-specific vehicles, which proves that Sanya products are well recognized by the local people. The West African team also carefully maintained the batches of these corporate vehicles (Sanya Feiyang series) (maintenance has been replaced with engine oil).




Distribution point technical guidance

        In West Africa, the West African team conducted motorcycle technical training for the technicians at the distribution point, so that the technicians at the distribution point can better understand the Sanya products and install them more accurately, so that consumers can use Sanya products more confidently.

       The West African inspection team learned that in the border areas of some countries in West Africa, local consumers used Sanya motorcycles to transport gasoline (about 250KG) long distances (about 1000 kilometers) to neighboring countries for sale, resulting in serious motorcycle losses. . The West African team conducted targeted motorcycle maintenance training for dealers in these situations, creating greater value for consumers to use Sanya products.




Promote new products

       When the West African inspection team conducted a tour inspection at each distribution point, it also brought Sanya's new products: the upgraded version of the CG motorcycle NF125BOX, the lightweight SPC engine, and the NFB engine. These models and engine technologies are based on the quality feedback information collected in the African region over the years to carry out targeted research and development upgrades, and will be more adaptable to the natural environment of Africa. After the inspection, a new version of Sanya promotional materials will be sent to each distribution point, so that consumers can better and more comprehensively understand the products launched by Sanya.




        As a leading export brand of the motorcycle industry, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is committed to the promotion and popularization of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly motorcycles and electric vehicles, and creates high-quality two-wheeled vehicles for global customers. More reliable brand quality and more dedicated after-sales service have enhanced the confidence of African users in Sanya brand, consolidated the reputation of Sanya brand and accelerated the development goal of “creating world-class enterprises and brands”.

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