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        126th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou in October 15, 2019. The fair covers 1185000 square meters area, with a total of 60676 booths and 25642 domestic and foreign exhibitors.



        The Canton Fair connecting thousands of suppliers in China with the international market. Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (Sanya), located in No. 13.1 hall, zone B, all motorcycles are red color, takes a bright visual landscape, which echoes the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and shows Chinese style to global customers.


        In the Canton Fair, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (SANYA) launched 12 lead products, eye-catching appearance and strong performance attracted oversea customers and got highly praised.



        UF190(SY200-9),new-upgrade musical motorcycle, equipped with balance shaft technology UFB engine inside, which makes fuel consumption less than 2.5L/100KM.


        From 150cc to 190cc,we make great efforts to improve disc system, optimize shock absorber structure. Not only do fuel consumption and power perfectly upgrade, but also include safety and comfort improvement. 14L large fuel tank, not only meet the sense of large displacement, but also reduce the refueling trouble.



        As a patented model independently developed by Sanya ,NF125 box ,after the field date investigation and test, has been made over 30 details upgrades of five major system .It has been loved by users from all over the world since launched in 2018.


       The launch of the new SPC smart core engine which fuel consumption reduced by 8% and power increase 15% (see engine explanation later),more suitable for economical and practical customer. The double rear shock absorption system can alleviate the bumps caused by poor road conditions.



        Sanya independently developed patented CUB model SY110-22. it has been well known for its energy saving and fuel saving since it found. The whole car uses new PC materials and has passed the EU E-MARK and 3C certification. The fully enclosed chain box effectively isolates sediment and increase service life. In addition, according to the person in charge of the exhibition, the upgraded version of the four generations of CS110 has been successfully developed and will be introduced to the market.



        Sanya independent research engine was presented in the Canton Fair and was shown in a semi-anatomy form, so that customers can more understanding Sanya power system. NFB Engine (left), UFB Engine (middle), SPC smart core Engine (right).



        As more and more countries advocate environmentally friendly travel modes, SANYA electric bikes, which launched by Guangzhou Sanya motorcycle ltd, are getting more and more popular in the customers.In the 126th Canton Fair, SANYA launched 5 kinds of electric production, including high-power electric scooters, music scooters and simple electric bicycle.



        H9 (Picture left 1) and music scooter HaiYue SY12-HY60 (Picture left 2)



        SY8-XXZ72(Picture left 1),SY30-LS72(Picture left 2),SY3-YB48(Picture left 3)



        This strong powerful XUNYING model SY30-LS72, has a 3000W motor and a thicker frame, strong power and long endurance. It’s worth mentioning the LED light system of front board, including the daytime driving lamp and the big headlight. Even close the lights, it still could catch people’s eye in a moment.



        Simple electric vehicle SY3-YB48 has attracted many customers to try to ride with easiness. It has two mode, electric driving and pedal cycling. It could ride like bicycle without battery.



        Guangzhou Sanya motorcycle Co.,Ltd. is always famous for exquisite workmanship of product, insists on the goal of creating a world-class enterprise, responds for “the Belt and Road” positively. Through the Canton fair, Sanya explores overseas market opportunities, supplies high-quality motorcycle and electric vehicle for global customers, and embraces the new economic and trading age actively.

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