Congratulations! Sanya wins the title of provincial well known & new high-tech product
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Date: 2021-04-24
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Two models ,SY110-42 and SY150-49 from Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,ltd  are named 2020 Guangdong provincial well known &  new high-tech products in Mar. 2021.

By reforming and upgrading original Guangdong new high-tech product, Guangdong provincial well known & new high-tech product has a muchhigher vote standard and value. Only 18.19% of 10,528 products across Guangdong province are chosen  , both the quantity chosen and proportion decrease by more the 70%, aiming to choose the best of the best which can meet the standard domestically and internationally , replace the products imported from outside.


The models SY110-42 and SY150-49 adopting intellectual FI injection engines developed by Sanya has 3 innovative technologies and 8 advantages which control the oil supplying precisely and get a more sufficient burning in engine ,and reduce the emission finally .


Cub model SY110-42 with emission standard nationalⅣ and injection engine has participated  in the activity of 10000 KM journey from Guangdong to Tibet . It still can get very precise oil supplying controlling and stable speed acceleration when running on plateau with an altitude of 4000 meters and reduce the noise with its new muting technology.  SY110-42 has a glory appearance by its dual curing coating processes to ABS parts.


Sanya makes model SY150-49 by upgrading the original model “Ruishiwang”which set a record of gradeability of 56 degree.  The engine UFB(with patent 2290491 ) adopted by SY150-49  has max power of 9.6km ,making more power and less vibration.


Winning the title of the title of provincial well known & new high-tech products raises  Sanya’s core competitiveness , improves the protection of its intellectual property , signifiessanya’sstrength and impressive innovation and promotes Sanya’s further and sustainable development, makes Sanya more well known , keeps sanya’svigour.

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