2021 National motorcycle fan exchange meet
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Date: 2021-12-16
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On December 16, 2021, the second annual meeting of motorcycles sport association in Conghua Guangzhou, was grandly held in xiangmi mountain garden, UF190, a great memorial model from Guangzhou Sanya motorcycle Co.,ltd, presented a cool motorcycle stunt show.


More than five hundreds motorcycles with variable displacement and different famous motorcycle brands, and nearly 1,000 motorcycle riders from more than thirty motorcycle clubs gathered in Conghua to take part in this motorcycle club activity, which is a offline pageant for motorcycle friends to exchange and share their experience.



Guangzhou Sanya motorcycle Co.,ltd as a experienced motorcycle manufacturer enterprise showed two kinds of memorial model on the site. Scooter(SY110-12) equipped with injection system developed and researched by Sanya company made a testing with seventy thousand and five hundreds sixty kilometer.

Cub motorcycle SY110-22, Feiyang second generation, also was developed and researched by Sanya company, started form Sanya factory on May, 2019, and held the press conference at the front of Lhasa Potala Palace in Tibet when the riders arrived there. The journey from Guangdong to Tibet is over 10,000 kilometer.


Sanya company invited two famous and skillful riders in motorcycle stunt , and they provided a thrilling and exciting visual performance while driving UF190.



Under the blue sky and white clouds, accompanied Sanya UF190 motorcycle roared, sometimes braked and turned up, sometimes stopped suddenly and fishtailed, stand on the motorcycle with hands loosen and other difficult movements, light the riders passion on the scene, applause and cheers filled the whole audience.



Sanya UF190 is equipped with UFB engine with balancing shaft technology which developed  by Sanya independently, with a maximum power of 9.6kW and a maximum torque of 13.5N·M. Once created a 56° world climbing record, upgraded from 150cc to 190cc, improved disc brake system and optimized shock absorption structure, which not only upgraded fuel consumption and power, but also safe and comfortable upgraded.


At the dinner party, as a strategic partner, Sanya accepted the honorary plaque issued by the motorcycle Association, and also gave five famous motorcycle helmets which is worth 2999 yuan, and brought the party atmosphere to a climax.



Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. always focused on the research,development and production of motorcycles since established, but also keen to participate in the offline motorcycles culture, hoped that through Sanya motorcycles as a link, Sanya motorcycle culture will continue to inherit and develop. In recent years, Sanya participated in motorcycle activities frequently, continuously understood the needs of large displacement motorcycles, showed the Sanya strong will to power and larger displacement motorcycle!

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